Later this year the much anticipated PS4 and PC game SCORN will be arriving, Straight out of a H.R Giger nightmare comes this horror game set in some sort of Bio mechanical, ghoulish universe. With the footage of the game shown thus far it looks like a beautiful animated world of his art strait out of a […]

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Hi there everyone in todays video we will be making a really simple MAC & CHEESE WITH A TWIST. We are going to be putting some fresh vegetables at the bottom of the bake just to make sure that you are getting some of your 5 a day. Just follow the directions in the video link […]


This beautiful southern Indian restaurant situated at the top end of Granby street just two minutes walk down from Leicester train station. The Kayal is a fantastic genuine experience it is truly flavour heaven, having experienced food from this region on my travels it is very authentic,  from the stunning seafood dishes to the meat dishes and […]

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PlayStation’s latest stand alone exclusive to PS4 only is a beautifully made game and does not hold back on any punches. Set in the far distant future where man is no longer the dominant species, instead Bio mechanical creatures roam the planet. The game itself is an action role-playing game in which you get to […]

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This week we will be making a lush creamy celery, parsnip and stilton soup with horseradish. This is a quick and simple recipe to fill the gap at lunch times or an evening meal when you want something light. Follow the link above for the video method using the ingredients shown below, Happy cooking and enjoy.


Twenty years ago I went to see this play at the Vaudeville Theatre on the Strand in London, Back then it was a small enclosed theatre so it was always going to give the performance of the story more of a creepy feeling.Move forward twenty years to The Curve Leicester, I was worried about thee size of the theatre […]

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