Leicester Locals: Big Bear Illustrated

Big Bear Illustrated is an artist from Leicestershire currently studying at Loughborough College.

Describe your style.

Simplistic but I use shading with charcoal and pens. My work is mostly based on animals, nature and anthropomorphic beings.

What artists most inspire you?

The games community highly influences my art, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Artists I am inspired by include Luke Dixon, the artists of GameTee UK, Wolf Skull Jack and Steve Prescott.

What is your personal favourite art piece that you have created?

A line drawing, full figure of Rocket Raccoon done in Winsor and Newton dipping inks. This was created in A3 and is black and white with charcoal shading.

What are your thoughts about the art community in Leicester?

Overall, it’s one of the largest art communities that I have been a part of as it spreads throughout Leicestershire, from Leicester to Loughborough and the surrounding areas. I have also recently heard of links that Loughborough College art department has with the art community in London.

Finally, how do you feel the art community in Leicester could be improved?

More events for new, young artists to get involved with and exhibit their artwork in the community.

Check out Big Bear Illustrated’s artwork on his Instagram @bigbearillustrated.



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