Leicester Locals: southafricansketchgirl

Jade ‘southafricansketchgirl’ Clarke is an artist currently based in Milton Keynes, with jade 3background in Leicestershire. I recently had an interview with her discussing her style, influences and what she thinks about the art community based around Leicester.

Describe your style.

My style is very illustrative, I’ve always had a love for stories and the idea of creating imagery that represents my vision based on text has always been very strong. I also draw on inspiration from nature and animals in my work, primarily due to a fascination with mythology. I don’t like to use colour, I find that monochromatic images draw my focus and it’s what I work best with.

What is your personal favourite piece that you have completed?

My favourite piece that I’ve completed is of a rabbit that is half realistic and half geometric, which was inspired by a series created by one of my favourite artists, Kerby Rosanes. I think that the contrast in visual textures is what made it so enjoyable.

jade 1

Who are your inspirations?

I’ve always admired artists who’s work reflects interests and characteristics similar to my own style, to name a few there could be Caitlin Hackett, an illustrator who’s exploration of modern mythology and anthropomorphism has influenced my exploration of animals in my pieces. Gabriel Picolo, an illustrator who has explored a number of topics such as Disney and Harry Potter and has always astounded me with his delicate use of linework and beautiful colours. And finally, illustrator, Michelle Harvey, also known as wolfskulljack, her monochromatic and visually textured pieces are eye catching and always influencing my wolf based designs.

What do you think about the art community in Leicester?

I find this challenging to answer as I’ve not had a chance to explore much of the artistic community in Leicester nor am I informed of it, which I think is a shame as I know a number of young artists whose works could be used as a way of bridging a gap between the general public and the art and design world. With so much potential that can be shared I feel that there should be more done for the art community to gain more notoriety.

What do you think could improve the art community in Leicester?

I think that working with young, independent artists and designers as well as local business owners as a means of creating and reinventing local brands and advertisement could be a way of invigorating the community and bringing forward change in a positive way. Another idea would be more public displays of artwork in places people are sure to see them, perhaps interactive galleries whereby the public is given a chance to meet the artists and ask questions, because without a doorway for open communication it isn’t easy to open the minds of people to new opportunities and ideas.


You can check out Jade’s artwork on her Instagram – @southafricansketchgirl



All images supplied by Jade Clarke.





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