Anthoney Burgesss published his controversial book of a A clockwork orange in 1961 and was made into a film by Stanley Kubrick in 1972.

It tells us a story of a young man called Alex and his Droogs (Friends) in the not to distant but alternate future, the young have their own language called Nadsat, there world is fueled by the drink Moloko Veloset leading them to a life of violent crime.


Alex commits a the crime of Murder and is captured by the police and the handed over to the government for a special .experiment to eradicate violence from his system and becoming totally passive.


The film itself was banned for a number of years, But what I look forward to most about this production is the use of the Nadsat language which in the film and the book is most interesting.


The show will be running from Thursday the 18th  to the 20th of May at the Curve theater in Leicester.


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