PlayStation’s latest stand alone exclusive to PS4 only is a beautifully made game and does not hold back on any punches.

Set in the far distant future where man is no longer the dominant species, instead Bio mechanical creatures roam the planet.

The game itself is an action role-playing game in which you get to craft weapons and upgrades to take on your various foe, there is a massive storyline for you to take part in along with various sub missions to play around with.


The lush environments are a treat to the eyes and you never get bored with exploring them, along your journey you will interact with characters and find new ways of fighting the machines and also using them to your advantage.horizonzerodawn0002

You play the role of Aloy who embarks on a fantastical journey unraveling the mysterious of various tribes and advanced tech that will help you save the fate of mankind and the planet itself.

It does borrow some elements from other games like Assassins Creed Farcry primal but this does not detract from the gameplay.

Please watch gameplay for Horizon Zero Dawn you will not be disappointed



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