Visit Leicester: Hogarths

Hogarths is an impressive, Victorian inspired gin palace situated on Hotel Street, Leicester. Hogarths offers plenty of choice regarding gin but also has a wonderful cocktail menu on offer, jam jar cocktails are available at Hogarths for under £5 or 2 for £7! Hogarths is a converted bank but now has the feel of a […]

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Visit Leicester: 33cankstreet

The Cank Street Story “The story of the Cank Well is one of community. The water source in the City of Leicester the Cank Well became a hotbed for gossip. The locals would gather to both confide and divulge information. They were the traders of secrets. The procurers of words between words.”  – 33 Cank […]

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Anthoney Burgesss published his controversial book of a A clockwork orange in 1961 and was made into a film by Stanley Kubrick in 1972. It tells us a story of a young man called Alex and his Droogs (Friends) in the not to distant but alternate future, the young have their own language called Nadsat, there world […]

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